In talks with Safi Marroun, Business Development Manager, YMCO.

Safi Marroun
Safi Marroun


A unique look into where cooling solutions might develop to improve efficiency, Safi Marroun, Business Development Manager at YMCO will speak on HVAC and Bio-mimicry at HVAC R Expo Saudi.

1. What does bio-mimicry mean and how is it used in the HVAC market?

Biomimicry is looking at nature as a mentor and source of measure.  It is founded on three elements: Ethos, Re(Connect) and Emulate. When we look for solutions or ideas to either solve a problem or enhance our lifestyle via design or management style, where do we typically seek inspiration? Have you considered looking into what has the non-human world been doing?

HVAC is everywhere in nature. Isn’t temperature and cooling an important life aspect to all living organisms? Looking closely, we can find plethora of applications that can benefit from nature’s strategies to enhance our HVAC systems’ designs.

2. Can you evaluate how the HVAC industry is benefiting from these techniques?

Energy consumption due to HVAC systems is always a concern when speaking of sustainability and energy intake reduction. Thus, when a biomimetic design brings natural non-fuel strategies into our design, it is benefiting us to enhance our relationship with our home, Earth, without having to be dependent on HVAC fuel/electricity systems as much. There has been few designs already in the market from a building passive cooling system to zero-moisture room for medical purposes.

3. What is the Saudi government doing to help push forward the industry?

The most notable action has been is taking the decision into bringing about our 2030 Vision that is accompanied by the 2020 National Transformational Plan. Those plans and their vision will take us on a journey of transforming the nation from being fuel-dependent to fuel-independent. This implies the immediate need to seek innovative solutions to sustainability where Biomimicry mindset would come in with a unique approach to our nation’s uplifting.

4. Who are the right people to attend your talk?

If you want to add an essential lens to your view of the world, you are in the right place. Having the lens of Biomimicry as part of how you see the world will make the solutions and ideas you bring to the discussion table unique and innovative. Therefore, whether you are an HVAC professional or just a manager, engineer, architect or a clerk, you will learn what Biomimicry brings into our lifestyle. I believe that each one of you is a designer and artist.

5. Why is important for them to attend your session?

Learn how to enhance your observation of everything you see from human design to non-human design. Having Biomimicry thinking in your mindset will take you on a daily journey to credit and critic what we design and find opportunities in nature to enhance our designs. It’s important to be here as to get empowered in contributing to your society with innovative approach from a trust source of inspiration -nature.

Safi Marroun will be speaking on 29 Jan 2019, 8:15PM - 9:00PM, at HVAC R Expo Saudi and Saudi Clean Expo held at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center.

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